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Double Digit Gains in Pakistan's Per Capita Income

Pakistan’s nominal per capita income rose 16.9 percent to $1,254 in 2010-11 from $1,073 in 2009-2010, according to the Economic Survey of Pakistan . Using the IMF's purchasing power parity exchange rate of Rs. 34 to a US dollar (versus official exchange rate of Rs. 85 to a US dollar), Pakistan's per capita income in terms of purchasing power parity works out to $3,135.00. Per Capita PPP GDP Although Pakistan's per capita GDP rose by only 0.7% in real terms, the much higher 16.9% nominal per capita income increase reflects a combination of the nation's double-digit inflation rate and the the rupee's stable exchange rate with the US dollar which has been losing ground to most major world currencies in 2010-2011. Similar to Pakistan's nominal growth, at least a part of India's nominal growth in per capita gdp and income is also driven by rising domestic inflation of over 10% and appreciating Indian rupee ( 5.5% from 48.32 in 2009 to 45.65 in 2010 ) from stron

Pakistan Pictorial

Here is Pakistan in Pictures, a slide show produced by and now running on PakAlumni Worldwide Social Network for Pakistani diaspora: Find more photos like this on PakAlumni Worldwide: The Global Social Network It covers the length and breadth of beautiful Pakistan from the shiny shores of Karachi in the southeast to the majestic heights of the Karakorams in the northwest. Please join Pakalumni to share your favorite pictures of Pakistan. Here's a video clip with more pictures of life in Pakistan: Related Links: Haq's Musings Scaling K2: The Ultimate Challenge Extreme Kayaking in Pakistan Pakistan's Media Revolution Along Grand Trunk Road in India and Pakistan Pakistan's Urban Middle Class Music Drives Coke Sales in Pakistan Life Goes On in Pakistan Karachi Fashion Week Is Pakistan Too Big to Fail? Karachi Fashion Week Goes Bolder More Pictures From Karachi Fashion Week 2009 Pakistan's Foreign Visitors Pleasantly Surprised Start-ups Drive a Boom in Pakistan Pakis