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Did Musharraf Steal People's Money in Pakistan?

A story alleging corruption by former President  Pervez Musharraf  has appeared recently in Pakistan's Jang Media Group publications  in the aftermath of the  Panama Leaks  that revealed the names of 220 rich and powerful Pakistanis owning offshore accounts. The Panama Papers show that Mir Shakeel ur Rehman, the owner of Jang Media Group, owns offshore accounts, as do the family of the current  Prime Minister Mr. Nawaz Sharif  and former Pakistani  Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto  who was assassinated in 2007. Other Pakistanis named in the Panama Papers include prominent businessmen, politicians, judges, bureaucrats, etc. allegedly involved in  corruption . The names of former President Pervez Musharraf or his family members are not among the 220 names from Pakistan. The Jang Media Group story titled  "How Mr clean Musharraf became a billionaire"  lists accounts held by Mr. Musharraf in Dubai and London with balances adding up to millions of US dollars. Farrukh Durrani,

Pakistani Diaspora Sends Home $19.3 Billion in Remittances Amid Falling Oil Prices

Pakistani diaspora  sent home $19.3 billion in remittances in 2015, representing 12.8 % increase over 2014, according to a World Bank Report titled " Migration and Development Brief " released today. Pakistan's $19.3 billion in remittance make up 6.9% of 2014 GDP, essentially closing the rising trade deficit amid the nation's falling exports. The 12.8% increase over 2015 is substantial but it is down from 16.7% jump seen in 2014 over 2013. The report attributes the slower remittance growth from Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates to falling oil prices. This report comes soon after the  Panama Leaks  that show how  Pakistan's corrupt elite , including Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's family, are moving and hiding in offshore tax havens the hard-earned dollars sent home by overseas Pakistanis to keep Pakistan's economy afloat. Overseas Remittances in South Asia Source: World Bank   In Q4 of 2015, ye

Fashion Pakistan Week 2016 Attracts Foreign Buyers to Karachi

Top fashion designers Maheen Khan, Deepak Perwani, Wardha Saleem, Obaid Shaikh, Sanam Chaudhri and others are showing their latest creations at the ongoing Pakistan Fashion Week in Karachi, Pakistan. It's being sponsored by Trade Development Authority of Pakistan. In addition to domestic and foreign media, there are also several international buyers from overseas chain stores attending the show. Here are a few pictures from the fashion show: Photos Couresy of Tapu Jhaveri, others. Here's a Pakistan Pictorial:   Find more photos like this on PakAlumni Worldwide: The Global Social Network Related Links: Haq's Musings Pakistan Fashion Shows Pakistani Village Girl Launches VC-Funded Fashion Startup in San Francisco  Pakistan's Top Fashion Models Pakistani Cover Girls Life Goes On in Pakistan Pakistan Fashion Week 2013 Karachi Fashion Week 2013 Veena

India Complains to WTO Over US H1B Visa Policy Change

India has recently complained to the World Trade Organization against the United States over changes to visas for skilled workers that Republican presidential candidates have targeted for elimination, according to a report in the  UK's Financial Times . The WTO revealed that India had requested consultations with the US over moves by Washington to raise fees for L1 and H1B working visas and also restrictions on the number of those visas awarded. The move is the first step in initiating a dispute at the WTO. India's WTO complaint: India's WTO complaint is over an increase in fees on H1B visas that the US imposed on companies with workforces comprised of more than 50 percent foreign workers. A provision included in last year's federal spending bill added a new $4,000 fee for each H1B, which India argues is discriminatory to the country under its trade agreement with the US. Meanwhile, the annual gold rush in  Silicon Valley  to file applications for H1B visas has