Census 2010: Calling All Pakistani-Americans to Act

US Census 2010 is under way! It is an extensive exercise that happens once a decade and it produces data that guides the various branches of US government and its agencies, politicians, marketers, and just about every one else who needs America's demographics data.

The numbers produced by the Census drive the allocation of seats in the US Congress, budget appropriations, government policies, college enrollment, as well as big decisions on products, employment and target markets by private corporations targeting American consumers.

Here's how US Census Bureau describes the importance of census data:

1. Every year, the federal government allocates more than $400 billion to states and communities based, in part, on census data.

2. Census data are used to determine locations of schools, hospitals, new housing development, retail stores, and other community facilities.

3. Census data determine boundaries of state and local legislative and congressional districts.

Given the great significance of the Census 2010 results, it is extremely important for Pakistani-Americans to stand up and be counted. They must fill out the forms and send them in for the sake of their local communities, and for their own sake. They should understand that the ten minutes spent to fill out the Census 2010 form will have a significant impact on them and their local communities for the next ten years.

This year, among the various racial categories, there is an opportunity to mark "other Asian" and fill out "PAKISTANI" under the field to ensure the full recognition of the population of Pakistani-Americans (both citizens and non-citizens) residing in the United States. Upon request, the Census Bureau will provide you the form in Urdu language. The information provided on census forms is protected by the law, and it can not be used for any purpose other than for the count 2010.

I appeal to all Americans and American residents, including Pakistani-Americans, to fulfill their civic duty of ensuring correct US census results in 2010.

Here's a video clip about Census 2010 produced by Pakistani PAC:

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Riaz Haq said…
Here are some of the highlights of Pakistani-American data from US Census 2010 as gleaned from a report titled "A Community of Contrasts Asian Americans in the United States: 2011" published by Asian-American Center For Advancing Justice:

1. There are 409,163 Pakistani-Americans in 2010, the 7th largest Asian-American community in America.

2. Pakistani-American population doubled from 2000 to 2010, the second largest percentage increase after Bangladeshis' 157% increase in the same period.

3. 6% of Pakistani-American population is mixed race.

4. 65% of Pakistanis in America are foreign-born. 57% of Pakistani-American population is naturalized citizens.

5. There are 120,000 Pakistani legal permanent residents of which 42% are eligible to naturalize.

6. There were 69,202 immigrant visas issued to Pakistanis from 2001 to 2010.

7. 28% of Pakistanis have limited English proficiency.

8. Average per capita income of Pakistani-Americans is $24,663.00 and 15% of them are classified as poor.

9. 55% of Pakistanis own their own homes.

10. 55% of Pakistanis have bachelor's degree or higher.


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