Musharraf Woos EU Investors

The European Union is Pakistan's largest trading partner, with annual trade worth $9bn. With this backdrop, it makes sense for President Musharraf to visit Europe on what is described by some as a "charm offensive".
In spite of all the turmoil and recent bad news, Pakistani economy continues to be the bright spot often ignored by the media. This European visit is intended to get attention to Pakistan's economic performance and to attract European investment to help keep the economy on track for continued growth of 7-8% per year. In addition to meeting the political leadership in Europe, Mr. Musharraf has talked with the media and the business and investor community to reassure of them of progress on various fronts, including the restoration of democracy, the war on terror, and economic growth.
On the political front, he reassured them the elections would be held on the scheduled date and would usher political stability in the country. He further said that nobody would be allowed to create chaos and agitation in the country before or after the polls, reports APP, a Pakistani news agency.
Mr. Musharraf highlighted the economic achievements of the country during the past seven years and said Pakistan succeeded in sustaining economic growth of up to 7 percent and further improving the economic indicators like increasing the per capita income, foreign reserves and stock exchange index position. He said there has been an industrial boom in Pakistan in recent years, which was also a factor behind shortage of energy.
Replying to a question, the President allayed concerns and mis-perceptions among business executives about the law and order and political situation in Pakistan. He assured them that they will find best possible opportunities and a win-win situation in the country to make economic gains.
Mr Musharraf is expected to meet Nicolas Sarkozy, France’s president, and Gordon Brown, the UK prime minister, as well as to attend the World Economic Forum in Davos.


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